Designer Series of Blades for stationery use, pill cutters and utility cutters

精工研制 - 各款设计师专用 - 文具家品刀片糸列, 锋利耐用! 欢迎订造刀片,查询问价!
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Professional Blade Maker – Designer Series - Full Range of Cutter Blades for your selection!
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2016 Christmas Holiday and 2017 New Year holiday schedule 圣诞和新年节日假期表



Christmas and New Year Holiday Schedule

Happy Holiday !

Our Office and factory will closed for Christmas from December 24 - 27, and resume duty on December 28th.

For 2017 New Year: Our office and factory will closed for 2 days on January 1st and 2nd, and resume duty on January 3rd, 2017 (Tuesday)

Wish you all a Happy Holiday and a Prosperous 2017 New Year !!


节日快乐 !




The Chinese New year comes early in 2017 and the New Year is on January 28 (Saturday), 2017 今年春節假期特別早在 一月28日


Thanks for your continuous support to BENZ PRODUCTS !

Please note the Chinese New year comes early in 2017 and the New Year is on January 28 (Saturday), 2017. Our factory will close from January 21st till February 5th;  and open on the 6th.

The Year-End production rush starts already. Please check if you may need to replenish your stock or any possible orders? If you need to have the order shipped before Chinese New year or soon after the CNY holiday, please let us know asap for action.

Please do not hesitate to e-mail me so that we can arrange priority action for your order.

2017年春節假期特別早在 一月28日

请注意,今年2017年中国新年是在128日(星期六),我们的工厂将於121日至25日放假; 并在6号重开。
由夜年终生产需求甚高, 生产線己十分繁忙。 如貴司需要补貨或有订单需要在中国新年前或者春節假期后发货的,请尽快电邮給我,以便优先安排谢谢 !!