FAQ 常有问题

Frequent Ask Questions !

If I want to make a cutter blade of my own design, what should I do ?

Please send us the application of your blade, its design, sizes & required hardness. We will check through our range to see if we could recommend an existing model for your project. If we have the required blade, then you do not need to make tooling and production will be faster.

If no existing version available, we will send quotation on the required blade within 2-3 days


If I have problem in matching the blade with my component parts, what can I do?

You can send the concern component parts to us for study. Our engineer will give you recommendation for improvement.


I know my blade but I do not know what material will fit its application, can you help ?

Of course, send us the application of your cutter and we will recommend the right material for your blade.


I have no experience in handling blades in the production floor, what sort of information I can get from you?

If you order our blade, we have an operation manual to guide you how to handle and store your blades.


If you have more questions, please feel free to e-mail to Vera or Jian on “ hotline@benz.com.hk” for discussion!



请给我们您的刀片设计图纸,包括要求材料,尺寸公差、硬度要求和刀片的用途切割什么东西等。我会尽快报价给你。 我们也会看看可否推荐我「现有的标准刀片给您。这样可以避免因新开模具的费用和使生产更快和平宜。如果有现成刀片样本,我们可於2-3天内发送样本报价




如果您有更多疑问,请随时电邮 Vera 李小姐"hotline@benz.com.hk"讨论和跟进!