RZB26P-02-8 Eyebrow Shaver Blade 化妆用修眉刀片

Ladies razor blade with protective guard

Tinkle razor blade

Eyebrow razor blade with protective guard


Item No.:  RZB26P-2-8A
Description: Eyebrow Shaver Blade, Blade for Eyebrow Razor, razor sharp shaving edge with import coating for maximum smooth & ease of shaving, option to have protective guard.
Blade Size: 0.39(T) x 8.00 x 32.30mm(L)
Material: In accordance with JIS specification in SUS
Cutting edge: Triple grinding Razor sharp shaving edge
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  4. All of blades are RoHS and REACH compliance.

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产品编号: RZB26P-02-8A
说明: 不锈钢化妆用修眉刀片连防护罩及进口涂层 - 刀锋非常锋利柔顺, 用作剃须和眉毛修剪
刀片尺寸: 0.39(T)×8.00×32.30毫米(L)
材料: 按照在SUS制JIS规格
切削刀刃: ‘V’ 双刀锋设计, 进口涂层连保护罩
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