KTB87-03-8A Kitchen Stainless Steel Julienne Mandoline Blade厨房使用不锈钢齒锋刀片

Straight Mandoline Julienne blade    

Mandoline Julienne straight blade

Julienne Mandoline Blade

Item No.: KTB87-03-8A
Description: Heavy duty kitchen use stainless steel Julienne Mandoline blade for slicer, for slicing, cutting of fruit & vegetables. Razor sharp cutting edge.
Blade Size: 0.320(T) x 7.450(W) x 129.29mm(L)
Material: In accordance with JIS specification in SUS
Cutting edge: Razor sharp edge
Custom size OEM projects are welcome. Please e-mail specification for our study and quotation.
  • Packing is Bulk packed
  • MOQ - Subject to raw material availability.
  • Custom size services are available. Please send us your specification for our study and immediate quotation
  • All of blades are RoHS and REACH compliance. 

For quotation and further product information and/or sample, please do not hesitate to e-mail to Vera on "hotline@benz.com.hk" for details

产品型号 KTB87-03-8A
产品用途 厨房使用不锈钢齒锋刀片,用於切割水果和蔬菜。刀锋锋利耐用。警告刀片应放在儿童接触不到的地方
材质 按照日本JIS规格
产品尺寸 0.320(T) x 7.450(W) x 129.29mm(L)
刀锋设计 “V” 形磨锋, 锋利耐用
OEM/ODM项目 歡迎來樣訂造有不同款式和大小尺寸刀片
  1. 包装: 散装
  2. 起订量 -受原材料限制而每款不同, 请电邮详细资料以便报价。
  3. OEM项目: 请给我们您的具体要求以便即时报价
  4. 所有的刀片都符合RoHS和REACH要求。

如须报价及更多产品信息和/或样品,请不要犹豫,发送电子邮件至李小姐“ hotline@benz.com“以便跟进及报价。

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